Tuesday, 4 October 2016

AshGold Supporters Demonstrate Against Fianoo

Irate Supporters of AshGold are calling for Kudjoe Fianoo to vacate his position as the chief executive officer of the club.

A member of the supporter’s union of the club, Nicholas Appiah says that Kudjoe Fianoo, who doubles the chairman of the Ghana League Clubs Associations (GHALCA) time as head of the club has elapsed because of style of management and scheming ways in player transfer.

“We are fed up with Kudjoe Fianoo and his management team. We want them out of the club or else we’ll not give them peace till they leave our loving club for us,” he said on Happy FM sports.

“The man has spent 11 years in the club without anything to show for. Have you seen anyone spending 11 years as the head of a club in Ghana? The AshantiGold company gives him 5,000 $ every month to run the club but we don’t see any change in the club’s fortunes. And because he knows that we need his services no more, he has brought in BetWAY people to invest in the club, but all we’re saying is that he should just leave the club quietly.


We know that if we accept this BetWay investors, they’ll maintain him as the chief executive, and that’s something we’re trying to avoid.”

“Ever since Fianoo has been in office, the only time we’ve received a transfer fee under his tenure was the sale of Kadiri Mohammed, and even with that one, we wouldn’t know where the money would go had it not been the intervention of one of our members.


There’re several players that AshGold has sold, but the transfer monies are nowhere to be found, Wakaso, Bernard Morrison and recently our captain, Eric Opoku. If he doesn’t heed to our warning and he comes back to Obuasi, what will happen will happen.”

AshGold Supporters Demonstrate Against Fianoo

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