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Andre Ayew eyes more achievements in 2016 after "good" 2015

Ghana forward Andre Ayew says he is hoping for a better 2016 following his immense achievements in the year just gone by.

The 26-year-old started 2015 by helping Ghana finish second at the Africa Cup of Nations where the Black Stars missed out on the title to Cote d’Ivoire on penalties.

He then returned to finish the season hard with French club Olympique Marseille before making an emotional exit to sign for Swansea City.

Ayew made a dream debut in the English Premier League when he scored against Chelsea in August and went on to impress to win the Player of the Month award amongst several other internal awards at the club.

The son of Ghana legend Abedi Pele emerged runner up to Yaya Toure in the 2015 BBC African Player of the Year award.

He is however in with a chance of winning a big individual award as he is one of the shortlisted trio for the CAF African Player of the Year award which will be given away at a ceremony in Abuja on January 7.

The deputy Black Stars captian is eyeing more success in 2016.

“2015 was a good year for me I thank God,” he said.

“I pray 2016 will be better.Thank you all HAPPY NEW YEAR GOD BLESS U!”

Andre Ayew eyes more achievements in 2016 after "good" 2015

VIDEO: Watch Arsenal striker Danny Welbeck wish Ghanaians a Happy New Year in Twi language

Arsenal striker Daniel Welbeck displayed his true Ghanaian roots by wishing all Ghanaians a Happy New Year in the local Twi dialect.

The 25-year-old decided against playing for Ghana at full international level to play for England.

Welbeck becomes the second famous Ghanaian player after Italy’s Mario Baloteli to make a video post speaking the Twi – the dominant local language in Ghana.

Watch Danny Welbeck wishing Ghanaians a Happy New Year in the video below:


VIDEO: Watch Arsenal striker Danny Welbeck wish Ghanaians a Happy New Year in Twi language

Uphold promises to Ghanaians or be sacked – Mahama to officials

President John Dramani Mahama has indicated that officials in his government who fall short of the requirements of his administration will be shown the exit.

According to the president each member of his government is committed to working for the greater good of Ghana and for the welfare of its people.

“Each and every member of this government will uphold the promises that have been made to you, the people whose interest we serve. Those who fall short of that commitment have been and will continue to be asked to tender their resignation and relieved of their responsibilities,” President Mahama added.

Two Ministers [Power and Transport] have in less than a month resigned over issues surrounding their sectors.

Delivering his 2016 New Year Message in Accra on Thursday, President Mahama also urged Ghanaians not to relent on their efforts to making Ghana a better place for all.

“We are closer now than never before to realising the fruits of our patience so let us not surrender our perseverance and the pride of nationalism to negativity or pessimism.”

The President also urged Ghanaians to be optimistic about the coming year.

“…Just us each of us is greeting the new year with the intention of constructive change and expectation of exciting new possibilities in our personal lives, let us also greet it with the same expectations in the life of our nation and let us go forward into 2016 with courage and not caution, with optimism and a faith in our ability to achieve and succeed.”


Uphold promises to Ghanaians or be sacked – Mahama to officials

Quote of the Day


Quote of the Day

A Practical How-To Guide to Resist the Devil BY JOYCE MEYER

With the dawn of a new year, there is the need to make new resolutions. The new year is a time to start afresh, to begin again on a clean slate. “Old things have passed away, behold all things have become new.”

For many, this may mean standing firm and resisting all attempts and temptations of the enemy (devil). This is why this article has been shared to begin the new year. Arm yourself with the Word.

HAPPY NEW YEAR: Editor’s note


God loves you and has a good plan for your life. But if you want to live in His plan, you have to renew your mind and change your whole way of thinking, according to the Word of God. Romans 12:2 (AMPC) says, “Do not be conformed to this world (this age)…but be transformed (changed) by the [entire] renewal of your mind [by its new ideals and its new attitude], so that you may prove [for yourselves] what is the good and acceptable and perfect will of God….”

I can tell you from personal experience that this is true, because after I got serious about my relationship with God and started to study the Word, my life changed in amazing ways. I was basically a miserable person with a lot of negativity, bitterness and anger, but as my mind was renewed, I became a joyful, peaceful, pleasant, hopeful person.

The Bible also tells us we’re in a war. Ephesians 6:12 (NLT) says, “For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places.” The devil and his demons are real, and their first line of attack is our mind.

But although the enemy “comes only in order to steal and kill and destroy,” Jesus came so we can “have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance (to the full, till it overflows)” (John 10:10 AMPC). And Luke 10:19 (AMPC) says He has given us “authority and power…over all the power that the enemy [possesses]….”

The enemy has power, but through Christ, we have authority and power over him. The truth is he only has authority to use his power against us when we give it to him.


Know the Word

The number one way to defeat the devil is to know the Word of God well enough that you recognize the lies of the enemy, so you can cast down those thoughts. Second Corinthians 10:5 tells us that “we demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ” (NIV).

The key is knowing Scripture so you can quickly recognize the lies of the devil and come right back at him with the Truth. Ephesians 6:17 says we have the helmet of salvation, which means we can think like someone who is born again as we renew our mind with God’s Word.


Have a Peaceful Approach to Life

Another way to overcome the attack of the enemy is to stay in peace at all times. Peace is power, and when the devil throws his best attack at you and you stay peaceful, he doesn’t know what to do!

When you’re struggling with a difficult situation, if you will trust that God is working, no matter what it looks like or how you feel, then you can stay peaceful. We all face challenges that can steal our peace, and we have a choice to make. We can go through life being frantic when trouble comes, or we can cast our care on God and enjoy the journey! (See 1 Peter 5:7.)
Live in His Presence

Spending time in God’s presence is another way we resist the devil. It’s true that we spend our time and money on things that are really important to us. And making God our top priority—working our schedules around our time with Him, rather than working Him into our busy schedules—is how we live when He is the most important thing in our life.

When we hang out with Jesus, people know there is something different about us. We’re peaceful, and they can tell by the way we act that we are Christians. And did you know that when you pray and study the Bible, you’re doing spiritual warfare?

Psalm 31:20 (AMPC) says, “In the secret place of Your presence You hide them from the plots of men; You keep them secretly in Your pavilion from the strife of tongues.” I love how this scripture shows that I’m protected as I spend time in God’s presence. I’m aware that He is an ever-present reality, and I have victory when His presence is all around me.


Win the War with Love

John 3:16 demonstrates how walking in love is spiritual warfare. It says, “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life” (NIV). This verse shows us two ways love is expressed: it gives and it forgives.

God gave Jesus so we can have eternal life. And through Christ, He forgives us and meets our needs. The same way He loves us is how He wants us to love others.

Romans 12:21 says we overcome evil with good. When we have problems, those are the times we need to love someone by being good to them, doing something that helps to make their life better.

Remember that love is not just a warm, fuzzy feeling or a theory; it’s a decision about how you will treat people. We can’t love if we do it only when we feel like it. We have to make a decision to be committed to live a life of love, and this is possible when we put our trust in God and rely on Him to give us the grace to do it.

I want to encourage you to study God’s Word, spend time in His presence every day, stay peaceful in every situation, and love others the way God loves you. It’s the way you can defeat the attack of the enemy and enjoy the abundant life Jesus died to give you.



A Practical How-To Guide to Resist the Devil BY JOYCE MEYER

"Star Wars" creator compares Disney to "White Slavers"

George Lucas has compared the $4bn sale of Star Wars to selling off his ‘kids to the white slavers’ as he complains Disney ignored his ideas when making box office smash Force Awakens.

The legendary franchise creator appears a little bitter about Disney’s decision to dismiss his story outline for the next movie – which has now become the fastest movie to make $1 billion at cinemas across the world.

Lucas said that Disney were more concerned with making a ‘retro’ movie to please the fans than staying true to his sci-fi ‘soap opera’.

In a recent interview with CBS This Morning, Lucas said he and Disney had gone their separate ways after it became clear the entertainment conglomerate didn’t want his input.

‘People don’t actually realize it’s actually a soap opera and it’s all about family problems – it’s not about spaceships.

‘They decided they were going to do their own thing,’ he said. ‘They weren’t that keen to have me involved anyway — but if I get in there, I’m just going to cause trouble, because they’re not going to do what I want them to do.

‘And I don’t have the control to do that anymore, and all I would do is muck everything up,’ he said. ‘And so I said, ‘OK, I will go my way, and I’ll let them go their way.’

The Force Awakens is the first Star Wars movie the legendary filmmaker has not been involved in, after he sold his company Lucas Film to Disney for $4 billion in 2012.

He said that he had treated selling off the Star Wars movies as like going through a ‘break-up’.

‘When you break up with somebody the first rule is no phone calls,’ he said. ‘Every time you do something like that you’re opening the old wounds again you have to just put it behind you. And it’s very, very, very hard to do.’

The ‘father’ of Star Wars appeared to be struggling with the ‘break-up.’

After almost forty years with the franchise, he said he still thought of the moves as his children.

‘These are my kids, I loved them. I created them. I’m very intimately involved with them.’

When challenged why he sold off his ‘children’ to Disney he replied: ‘I sold them to the white slavers that takes these things, and… ‘before the filmmaker caught himself.

Aside from a difference in opinions over the focus of The Force Awakens and the next two films, Lucas had concerns that he might be too old to tackle a whole new trilogy which he said takes ten years to do properly.

‘I’m 70, I don’t know if I’ll be here when I’m 80,’ he explained.

He has also complained in the past that making a new Star Wars film was tough because it’s ‘not much fun’ being criticized by fans.

The creator of the legendary films is not involved in the new film Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which will be directed by JJ Abrams.

‘You go to make a movie and all you do is get criticized. And it’s not much fun,’ Lucas told Vanity Fair. ‘You can’t experiment.’

Lucas says that his epic sagas are behind him for good. He hopes to focus on a series of much smaller experimental films.

While Lucas might be unhappy with The Force Awakens, new owners Disney are likely to be delighted after it became ninth-highest box office performer ever with $1.23 billion in global box office receipts.

Source: Daily Mail

"Star Wars" creator compares Disney to "White Slavers"

No new voters register- EC tells NPP, others

The five-member panel reviewing proposals for and against demands for a new voters register says arguments for a new register are unconvincing.

The EC, a month ago organized a two-day forum for political parties, Civil Society organisations and individuals to collate views on the credibility or otherwise of the register.

The EC decided to hold the forum following heated national debate over the register after the opposition New Patriotic Party claimed it had evidence suggesting the register had been compromised with as many as 76,000 non-Ghanaian voters on it.

There were a number of demonstrations some of which turned violent.

A panel was therefore constituted to solicit opinions from stakeholders on whether or not to compile a new register.

Weeks after the two day forum, the panel has submitted its report to the EC.

Chair of the Panel Justice VCRAC Crabbe is recommending that EC should not replace the current voters’ register. The panel however stated that it will still continue to monitor events relating to the register.

The following is the full statement from the Electoral Commission


The Electoral Commission is pleased to inform the general public that it has received the report submitted by the Independent Panel set up by the Commission and tasked to look into the concerns and views of stakeholders on the Voters’ Register. Following the receipt of the report on December 21, 2015, the Commission has concluded its study of the report submitted by the Panel and wishes to advise the public as follows:

1. The Panel finds the arguments for a new register unconvincing and therefore does not recommend the replacement of the current voters’ register;

2. The Panel is of the view that the responsibility for having a clean and credible register is the shared responsibility of all citizens of Ghana;

3. The Electoral Commission accepts the recommendations of the Panel and will progressively implement the recommendations made therein;

4. The Electoral Commission will continue to engage stakeholders to ensure that a clean and credible voters’ register is in place for the 2016 general elections through an inclusive and collaborative audit process;

5. The Commission will publish the full report of the Panel on its website- by 7th January 2016 for the benefit of the public.

The Commission further wishes to inform the public that it has examined all the allegations and complaints made by the New Patriotic Party (NPP) on the voters’ register and has responded appropriately to the party. A copy of the findings of the Commission into the claims made by the NPP will also be made available to the Public on the Commission’s website.

The Commission takes the opportunity to thank the members of the Panel led by His Lordship VCRAC Crabbe, the Political Parties, Civil Society Organizations, Faith Based Organizations and all stakeholders for the support and cooperation shown to the Commission during the engagements on the Voters’ Register.

The Commission reiterates its commitment to ensuring transparent, inclusive and credible general elections in 2016 and to ensuring democratic growth and stability in Ghana and takes the opportunity to wish all citizens of Ghana a blessed, peaceful and prosperous 2016.





No new voters register- EC tells NPP, others

Load Shedding not over- Load Shedding Committee

The load shedding committee has countered a power ministry statement announcing an end to the four-year-old power crisis.

A statement signed by the Chief Executive Officer of GRIDco and a member of the Load Shedding Committee William Amuna has the headline: “Load Shedding not over despite significant gains made.”

The statement comes barely 24 hours after the Power Ministry issued a statement saying the load shedding was over.

“The Ministry of Power wishes inform the public that its Load Shedding programme in respect of electricity supply has been brought to an end.

The Ministry takes this opportunity to express its profound gratitude and appreciation to the entire citizenry and residents of Ghana for their forbearance and understanding during those difficult times,” the statement said.

Shortly after the statement, many applauded the Power Minister for fulfilling his promise to resolve the power crisis before the end of the year or resign if he failed to do so.

The statement brought some amount of excitement to many Ghanaians who have for four years endured power outages, lost jobs, and business as a result of those outages.

Just in the middle of the excitement the load shedding committee issued a counter statement denying an end to the load shedding regime.

In a statement, the committee insists there remains residual milestones to attain before load shedding will be over.

The committee says there will be a meeting to be held early January to review the progress of work after which Ghanaians will be told the true state of the situation.

“We wish to express our deepest appreciation to stakeholders for cooperating with the committee,” the statement said.

Sources at the presidency say the president is not happy with the conflicting statements from the Power Ministry and the Load Shedding Committee.


Load Shedding not over- Load Shedding Committee

MercyMe Headlines 2015 FOX News Radio"s Todd Starnes All-American Christmas Special

MercyMe’s headlining performance on FOX News Radio’s Todd Starnes All-American Christmas Special will broadcast last week on hundreds of FOX News Radio stations along with the entire American Family Radio network and the Bott Radio Network. Performing songs such as “Christmastime Again” and “Our Lullaby” from their newest holiday album MercyMe, It’s Christmas!, the multi-platinum selling group was joined by GRAMMY® winner Laura Story, jazz great Kirk Whalum and the 300-voice Bellevue Baptist Church Singing Christmas Tree & Orchestra. The show was also be broadcast on and

The multi-platinum selling group has had a busy Christmas season with the release of their newest holiday album, MercyMe, It’s Christmas! and a performance on the 89th Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. MercyMe, It’s Christmas! has resonated with media nationwide including FOX & Friends, PEOPLE Magazine, The New York Times, Delilah and SIRIUS XM. The holiday album debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Holiday Albums chart and is currently top four. MercyMe, It’s Christmas! is available on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.

About MercyMe:

Since their debut in 2001, GRAMMY®-nominated, multiple American Music Award and Dove Award winners MercyMe have sold more than 8.5 million units in CD, single and DVD sales, garnered 27 No. 1 multi-format Christian radio singles and four consecutive mainstream radio hits with “I Can Only Imagine,” (No. 4 AC/Top 25 on Top 40/Hot AC), “Here With Me” (No. 4 AC), “Homesick” (Top 10 AC) and “So Long Self.” Their radio success has continued with recent singles “Flawless” (No. 1 for 15 weeks) and “Greater” (No. 1 for 16 weeks), landing them the Top Christian Airplay Artist spot on Billboard’s 2015 Year End charts. MercyMe made history in 2014 as “I Can Only Imagine” surpassed 2 million digital downloads, making it the first song in Christian music to go platinum and double-platinum in the digital domain. In 2009, Billboard named MercyMe’s “Word Of God Speak” the No. 1 Song of The Decade and the group the No. 1 Artist of the Decade in both the Christian Songs and Christian AC Songs categories, recognizing them as one of the industry’s most notable talents. They have sold out venues throughout the US and Canada, including Radio City Music Hall, and have appeared on the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, The Today Show, CBS This Morning, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, FOX New Channel’s FOX & Friends, CNN, ABC News and in the pages of Entertainment Weekly, The New York Times, USA Today and more. MercyMe’s eighth studio album, Welcome To The New, garnered Billboard Music Award nominations in all three Christian categories and two GRAMMY® nods. Their brand new project MercyMe, It’s Christmas! debuted at No. 1 on Billboard’s Holiday Albums chart and offers a fresh spin on seasonal favorites as well as several original songs.




MercyMe Headlines 2015 FOX News Radio"s Todd Starnes All-American Christmas Special

Come As You Are To Jesus - Joseph Prince

Today’s Scripture

“You have turned for me my mourning into dancing; You have put off my sackcloth and clothed me with gladness.” Psalm 30:11


MY FRIEND, YOU are favored and accepted by God today because of His unmerited favor. Even if your life is a mess, He can take your mess and make it into something beautiful. Come to Him just as you are.

Years ago, one of my church members suddenly stopped coming to church for a long time. I met up with him to find out how he was doing and to see if everything was alright. He was very honest with me and told me that he was going through a lot of problems in his marriage, and that he was now addicted to alcohol. Then, he said this: “Let me get my life right, then I will come back to church.”

You are made holy, righteous and clean by the blood of Jesus Christ, and it is His righteous standing that qualifies you—nothing more and nothing less.

I smiled and asked him, “Do you clean yourself before you take a bath?” I could tell from his expression that he was taken aback by my question, so I told him, “Come as you are to the Lord. He is the bath. He will cleanse you. He will get your life in order for you, and He will cause every addiction to lose its hold on you. You don’t have to use your own efforts to clean yourself before you take a bath!”

I am glad to share that this precious brother soon returned to church and Jesus turned his life around. Today, he is happily married, blessed with a beautiful family and is one of my trusted, key leaders. That is what the Lord does when you come to Him as you are, and allow Him to love you into wholeness. He will make all things beautiful in your life.

There are many people today who are like this brother. They want to get their lives together by themselves before they come to Jesus. They are under the impression that they need to make themselves holy before they can step into God’s holy presence. They feel like they are being hypocrites if they don’t sort out their lives first before coming to church.

Nothing could be further from the truth. You will never be able to make yourself holy enough to qualify for God’s blessings. You are made holy, righteous and clean by the blood of Jesus Christ, and it is His righteous standing that qualifies you—nothing more and nothing less. So stop trying to clean yourself before you go to the Lord. Come to Jesus with all your mess, all your addictions, all your weaknesses and all your failures. God loves you just as you are. However, He also loves you too much to let you stay the same. My friend, when you come to Jesus, He becomes your “bath.” He will wash you clean, whiter than snow! Jump into the bath today and allow Jesus to make you perfect, righteous and holy in God’s eyes!


Today’s Prayer

Lord Jesus, Your grace saves the worst of us. No matter how messed up my life is, You can turn it around and make it beautiful. I come to You just as I am today, with all my faults and failings. I thank You that You have made me righteous with Your blood and that You are washing me with the water of Your Word and loving me into wholeness once more. Your unmerited favor in my life will remove every addiction and sickness, turn my mourning into rejoicing and fill my heart with Your robust peace!


Today’s Thought

No one cleans himself before taking a bath. So I’ll come to Jesus—the bath—just as I am.


-100 Days of Favor

Come As You Are To Jesus - Joseph Prince

Full List Of Chairmen And Vice Of Various Management Committees Of The GFA

The Executive Committee of the Ghana Football Association has announced changes to some Standing and Ad-hoc committees of the Association.

Below are Chairmen and Vice Chairmen for the respective committees;


George Afriyie – Chairman

Wilfred Osei Kwaku – Vice Chairman


Nii Komiete Doku – Chairman

Kojo Yankah – Vice Chairman


Osei Tutu Agyemang – Chairman

Kurt Okraku – Vice Chairman


Alhaji Sadugu – Chairman

Frank Nelson – Vice Chairman


Kweku Eyiah – Chairman

Opoku Nti – Vice Chairman


Leanier Addy – Chairperson

Salifu Zida – Vice Chairman


Nana Benyin Eyison – Chairman

A.A. Lawal – Vice Chairman


Augustine Asante – Chairman

Francis Dogbatse – Vice Chairman


Fred Crentsil – Chairman

Felix Ansong – Vice Chairman


Nana Benyin Eyison – Chairman

J.F. Mensah – Vice Chairman


Frank Nelson – Chairman

Delali Senaye – Vice Chairman


Kweku Eyiah – Chairman


Leanier Addy – Chairperson


Nii Kormiete Doku – Chairman


Wilfred Osei Kwaku – Chairman


Kurt Okraku – Chairman

The full list of members of the various committees will be announced in due course.

Full List Of Chairmen And Vice Of Various Management Committees Of The GFA

Christian Atsu Set For Chelsea Return

Chelsea are set to recall tricky winger Christian Atsu from his loan spell at Bournemouth.

The Ghana international, whose season has been wrecked by injury, has made just two appearances for the Cherries this season; both coming in the Capital One Cup.

And the Blues have discussed ending his loan deal which was due to run until the end of the season.

Interim manager Guus Hiddink will then decide whether to keep him in the squad or loan him back out.

The 23-year-old is yet to play for Chelsea having joined the Premier League champions in 2011 from Portuguese outfit Porto.

It’s not been easy for Atsu, who also saw a loan spell at Everton not go to plan as he made just five appearances at Goodison Park.

He had more success on loan at Vitesse Arnhem back in 2013-14, where he scored five goals in 28 appearances in the Eredivisie.

Atsu burst on to the scene at Porto back in 2013 after a loan spell at Rio Ave and made just 17 appearances before Chelsea decided to make their move.

Christian Atsu Set For Chelsea Return

Home of Gushegu DCE razed, 8 yr old dead

District Chief Executive of Gushegu District, Hon. Alhassan Fuseini was greeted with double agony as he lost his 8 year old daughter and his seven bedroom house at Choggu Yapalsi in the Tamale Metropolis of the Northern Region.


The DCE’s house at Gushegu was gutted by fire around 11:30pm.


According to an eye witness there were 4 children in the room of the first wife of the DCE, Madam Ayi but they managed to escape leaving Eight year old Fuseina Yussif who was sleeping alone and could not escape from the inferno.


The fire according to the owner of the house started at about 11:30pm in the deceased’s room, and  lasted for about three hours before fire fighters could put it out.


Her mortal remains have been deposited at the Tamale Teaching Hospital morgue awaiting burial.


The Northern Regional Fire Service is yet to establish the cause of the fire.


Hon. Alhassan has however remained silent over the incident out of shock.

Home of Gushegu DCE razed, 8 yr old dead

Power Minister resigns over Dumsor

The Minister of Power, Dr. Kwabena Donkor has resigned from his position.

He resigned today [Thursday] according to sources very close to the Minister.

The Minister of Power had promised to resign if he fails to end the four-year old power crisis by the end of 2015.

President John Mahama separated the Power Ministry from the Energy and Petroleum Ministry in a bid to give it all the necessary resources and attention to solve the power crisis.

Deep throat sources close to the situation have told that one of these three names;  Nii Osah Mills, Kwame Awuah Darko and John Jinapor is likely to replace Dr. Kwabena Donkor.

Nii Osah Mills is the current Minister of Lands and Natural Resources while Kwame Awuah Darko is the Managing Director of the Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation (BOST).

John Jinapor is the Deputy Minister of Power.

Just on Wednesday, the Power Ministry issued a statement announcing the end to load shedding in the country.

The three-paragraph statement signed by Kweku Sersah-Johnson, Head of Public Affairs, for the Power Minister, said ” the Ministry of Power wishes to inform the public that its load shedding programme in respect of electricity supply has been brought to an end.”

“The Ministry takes this opportunity to express its profound gratitude and appreciation to the entire citizenry and residents of Ghana for their forbearance and understanding during those difficult times.”

“The Ministry of Power and its agencies wish to assure the public that it shall continue to pursue policies and programmes to consolidate the gains so far made in the generation and transmission of electricity for the country,” the statement concluded.


Power Minister resigns over Dumsor

President Mahama to deliver New Year message at 8pm tonight

The president, John Dramani Mahama, will give his new year message to Ghanaians at 8 pm tonight.

The address will be live on Ghana Television (GTV), Uniiq FM and all Radio Ghana outlets across the country.

On Wednesday, December 31, 2014, President Mahama delivered his 2014 new year message and promised Ghanaians that he would listen to their views into programmes, policy and planning of government.

Tonight, Ghana will be looking ahead to what the president will have to tell them.


President Mahama to deliver New Year message at 8pm tonight

Assurance: Ghana Premier Leaague Will Have A New Sponsor

GFA Prez Assures Fans Of A New League Sponsor


The Ghana football association president, Kwesi Nyantakyi, has asked Ghanaian football loving fans and enthusiast of the domestic league that a new headline sponsor for the league will be unveiled soon.


The 2014/15 season was headlined by First capital plus now Capital bank, a solely owned Ghanaian company. On November, 2015, the bank announced its decision to temporarily terminate the contract. understands, First capital plus bank’s initially statement claiming they are halting the contract because of re-branding was just a shield to many issues they had in relation to how the league is branded, low stadium attendance and inconsistencies with when games are to played.

The bank signed a five-year deal with GFA in January 2014, worth $10 million in total and $2 million annually, to replace telecommunication giant Globacom (Glo).


Kwesi Nyantakyi in an interview with Storm FM said, “Ghana Premier League is without a title sponsor but the GFA is still in a search for one. We are very optimistic that before the league kicks off, we would surely get a new headline sponsor to provide sponsorship package for it,” he added.


The date to commence the 2015/16 season is still unknown due to legal tussle with regards to the cases involving Techiman City and Wa African United as well as Tema Youth FC and Dreams FC.

Assurance: Ghana Premier Leaague Will Have A New Sponsor

VIDEO: Watch Ghana FA President Kwesi Nyantakyi dancing to Mansa tune

Ghana FA President Kwesi Nyantakyi was a delight to watch as he danced through Bisa Kdei’s song Mansa.

Watch the video of the GFA capo’s display below:

VIDEO: Watch Ghana FA President Kwesi Nyantakyi dancing to Mansa tune

Isaac Addo takes interim charge as General Secretary of Ghana FA

Ghana FA President Kwesi Nyantakyi has confirmed Isaac Addo will act as General Secretary of the federation following the departure of Emmanuel Gyimah.

Gyimah who replaced Kofi Nsiah after the 2006 World Cup is stepping down as General Secretary of the GFA.

A ceremony was held to formally bid the former officer of the Greater Regional FA farewell as he leaves the post he has occupied for close to a decade.

The GFA’s Executive Committee reserves the right to appoint a substantive replacement.

Isaac Addo who is a Deputy General Secretary in charge of Marketing will be taking interim charge as the GFA’s chief scribe until the substantive replacement is appointed.

“The GFA Executive Committee has the right to appoint the General Secretary but that decision has not yet been taken,” GFA President Kwesi Nyantakyi told reporters on Thursday.

“Therefore the senior amongst all the Deputy General Secretaries which is Isaac Addo will take interim charge until such an appointment is made.”

Isaac Addo takes interim charge as General Secretary of Ghana FA

Jury: Lionel Messi Vs Cristiano Ronaldo 2015 Stats In Review

Messi, Ronaldo; Who Ended The Year 2015 On Top Of  The Ladder


Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are the two best footballers of their generation if not ever. This statement many will disagree but the pair are a breath of fresh air to watch on the field of play. Like all mortals, they are fallible, as is the case when they represent their respective Argentina and Portugal. But in the coulours of the Blaugrana (Barcelona) and Los Merengues (Real Madrid), they are ‘immortals’ and their performances.


In this review, will focus on la liga, champions league and Other Cups (Copa Del Rey, Spanish Super Cup, UEFA Super Cup, Club World Cup) appearances excluding international or national appearances  .

Lionel Messi ended the 2014/15 season with FC Barcelona as a treble winner – La liga, UEFA champions league and Copa del rey. The Argentine made a total of 57 – appearances in all competitions. His competitor, if not ‘enemy’, Cristiano Ronaldo, went the 2014/15 season  trophy less with a combined club appearances of 54.

Ronaldo celebrates scoring for Real madrid

Ronaldo celebrates scoring for Real madrid

In the 2014/15 la liga season, Cristiano Ronaldo made 35 – appearances and scored 48 – goals making him the winner of the ‘pichichi’ – spanish goal king crown. He ended the season with 16 assists, something many question his desire towards and as a result has been tagged by many as a ‘selfish’ player more than a team player.

Lionel Messi, four times Fifa world player of the year winner made 38 – la liga appearances – three more than his immediate competitor and scored 43-goals – 5 fewer than Cristiano Ronaldo and had a credit assist of 18.

Reigning Fifa world player of the year, Ronaldo, made 12-appearances in the 2014/15 UEFA champions league and scored 10-goals and made 2-assists. This was not enough to help the Madrid based team retain the Europe crown they won for a record 10 – times. Lionel Messi, had a much successful UEFA champions league after his 10 – goals and 5-assists in 13 – appearances helped Barca win the champions league crown.

Barcelona forward, Lionel Messi

Barcelona forward, Lionel Messi

In other cup competitions (Copa Del Rey, Spanish Super Cup, UEFA Super Cup, Club World Cup) the duo made a total of 13 – appearances, Six for Messi and 7 appearances for Ronaldo. The former scored 5 – goals to the latter’s 3 – goals and made 4 – assists and 2 – assists respectively.

From August, 2015 to December 31, these two football geniuses have been at it again battling one another ‘knowingly or unknowingly’ with impressive and record-breaking performances.


Still early days into the 2015/16 season, Messi has 6 – goals in 11 la liga appearances. The Argentine has been out injured for 8 weeks. so one then may jump to his defence for the low number of goals scored. On the Madrid side, Ronaldo seems to be keeping Rafa Benitez at post with an impressive 14 – goals in 17 – la liga appearances and on par with Messi on 4 – assists made.

In the just ended UEFA champions league group stages round of matches, Messi made 3 – appearances and has scored 3- goals and 1- assist to his name. Ronaldo, 30, played in all six group stage matches and is leading the goal king chart with 11 – goals and 3 – assists.


Messi, 29, has been involved in the Spanish Super Cup final, which Barcelona lost to Atletico Bilbao on aggregate after losing the first leg by 4 – goals to nil and has also played in the UEFA Super Cup and Club World Cup.

The Argentine number 10 has made a total of 4 – appearances in other cup competitions and scored 4 – goals.


We end the year 2015 and leave you our cherished readers to answer who among the two is the king of world football?

Jury: Lionel Messi Vs Cristiano Ronaldo 2015 Stats In Review

Kwabena Donkor Sacked?

Power minister Dr. Kwabena Donkor has been given the option to resign from his post or be sacked by the President.


The decision, according to sources within the corridors of power, was triggered by the conflicting reports regarding the supposed end to the power crisis by the Power ministry and the Ghana Grid Company (GRIDCo).donkor day 5


His fate is likely to be decided by close of business today, December 31, 2015, reliable sources reveal.



The Power Ministry in a statement Wednesday announced that the power crisis that has bedeviled Ghana for some years now had officially ended, but in a counter statement, head of GRIDCo William Amuna said the erratic power situation is not over.

donkor day 4


The Power Minister in February this year promised to resign from his post if the power crisis is not fixed by the end of the year.

donkor day 3


He made the promise days after he took over the newly established power ministry following his persistent attack on the Mahama administration over its handling of the crisis.

donkor day 2



President Mahama in his state of the nation address in parliament promised to hold him to his promise.


donkor day 1


So the big question is Will Donkor resign or Will President Mahama kick him out?

Kwabena Donkor Sacked?

Rawlings Condemns Flagstaff House Mischief

The office of former President Jerry John Rawlings has debunked a statement issued by Flagstaff House Communications Bureau which suggested that he was part of President Mahama’s entourage to Burkina Faso recently. The Communications Directorate of the former president’s office in a statement pointed out that Mr. Rawlings travelled on a military aircraft to that country in the company of his wife and three others.

Below is the full statement:



The attention of the Communications Directorate of the office of His Excellency Jerry John Rawlings, has been drawn to inaccuracies in a statement issued by the Flagstaff House Communications Bureau, indicating that the former President and his wife, Nana Konadu Agyeman-Rawlings were members of the President’s delegation that travelled to Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso for the inauguration of Jean Marc Christian Kabore as President of Burkina Faso.


The Directorate wishes to state that the former President and his wife were not members of President Mahama’s delegation and finds the misrepresentation unfortunate.


Outgoing President Michel Kafando invited his Excellency Jerry Rawlings by a letter dated 18 December 2015. The former President and his wife travelled with a delegation including Betty Akuffo-Amoabeng, Kobina Andoh Amoakwa and Joseph Dawson-Otoo.


President Rawlings and the delegation travelled on a military transport aircraft.


It is important to note that upon arrival in Burkina Faso, the former President and his entourage were met by Burkinabe State Protocol and the Ghana Embassy and driven to their hotel and subsequently to the venue for the ceremony.


President Mahama arrived later with the Presidential aircraft and a delegation that included Foreign Minister Hannah Tetteh, Dr. Edmund Dele and others.


It is unfortunate that the author of the release, privy to the fact that the former President was also travelling to Burkina Faso, albeit in his own capacity and upon a separate invitation decided to play mischief with the content of the official presidential release.



Rawlings Condemns Flagstaff House Mischief

Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled By Billy Joe Daugherty

Life after death does not have to be troubling to anyone. Jesus said in John 14:1-4:
Let not your heart be troubled: you believe in God, believe also in me. In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto Myself; that where I am, there you may be also. And where I go you know, and the way you know.

When a person reaches the end of his life or is challenged by a life-threatening illness, the individual and those around them may be fearful of death. Sometimes in a person’s fight against sickness, the individual becomes tired. Often the individual catches a glimpse of heaven and sees how good it looks. At this point, it’s easy for the person to quit fighting and step on over to the other side.

In the above verses, Jesus is telling us not to be afraid of death. He is letting us know what we can expect when we arrive in heaven. There are many dwelling places there. Jesus said that He has gone ahead to prepare a place for you. He has made a place for everyone who has been born again by receiving Jesus as Lord and Savior.

In verse 3 above, Jesus says that He will receive you unto Himself. When you die, you will be with Jesus. This is comforting to know for yourself and for your loved ones. To be absent from the body is to be present with Jesus. (2 Cor. 5:6-8.) No wonder Jesus said, “Let not your heart be troubled.” Having the knowledge that your loved one is with Jesus should give you peace. Even though you may miss the person, he or she is with

Jesus, enjoying a continuation of life in a different place. If you do not have peace about your eternal destination, ask Jesus to come into your heart. If a loved one has died, you cannot affect his or her life today; but you can allow Jesus to transform your heart. It all happens by faith.

Faith believes what God has said. Faith agrees with God. Faith speaks what God speaks. Faith obeys God’s Word. You can release your faith now by believing and speaking these words:

Heavenly Father, I come to You admitting that I am a sinner. Right now, I choose to turn away from sin, and I ask You to cleanse me of all unrighteousness. I believe that Your Son, Jesus, died on the cross to take away my sins. I also believe that He rose again from the dead so that I might be forgiven of my sins and be made righteous through faith in Him. I call upon the name of Jesus Christ to be the Savior and Lord of my life. Jesus, I choose to follow You and ask that You fill me with the power of the Holy Spirit. I declare that right now I am a child of God. I am free from sin and full of the righteousness of God. I am saved in Jesus’ name. Amen.

By praying this prayer, you never have to fear where you will go when you die. Your eternal destination will be with Jesus in heaven. Welcome to the family of God!

Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled By Billy Joe Daugherty

ANGELS: Their Nature and Ministry by J. H Waggoner


The enemy of God and the human family has left no means untried by which he could pervert the truth, and draw away men from a knowledge of the true God and of His law. It seems to be his invariable plan to lead men first to forget or disbelieve what God has taught them concerning any truth, and then, as a substitute, to instill into their minds some error which, in its main features, closely resembles the truth, but which is, nevertheless, opposed to it.

Thus when he had led men to forget God, Satan turned their minds to worship the sun and the host of heaven. When they had forgotten the word of God, given through His prophets, he introduced in its stead the pagan oracles and priests. So it is with the truth in regard to the ministration of angels. They are the divinely commissioned messengers sent to minister to those who shall be heirs of salvation. But this glorious Bible truth has been so far lost from sight that many, even of those who call themselves Christians, have no clear ideas concerning it, and little practical faith in it. Yet the need of some ministering spirit, some heavenly visitant from the world of light, to instruct us in the things of God, is widely felt.

Satan sees that this necessity must be met. A substitute must be invented. What shall it be? To answer this we have only to look at the history of those nations who have forgotten God. Ps. 9:17. From the Egyptian priests to the modern spirit mediums, we find them teaching that the spirits of the dead return to minister to their friends in this world. But while the Bible often speaks of the visits of holy angels to our world, to minister to the children of God, it is entirely silent concerning the return of the spirits of the dead for that purpose. Go to the heathen who know nothing about God and His word, and we find them extolling the souls of their dead friends as gods, demi-gods, and protecting spirits. Come down to the last generation, even in so-called Christian lands, and we find an extensive unbelief in the existence of either good or bad angels, or but vague and indefinite ideas of their character and office.

Thus far Satan has well succeeded. A vacuum has been formed, which, as both reason and revelation teach, must be filled. As a substitute, he has introduced the supposed souls of the dead, as ministering spirits from the other world. To uphold his counterfeit work he cunningly uses all the arguments, both from the Scriptures and from nature, which prove that there are, or ought to be, messengers to communicate between this and the other world. If he can convince men that they are spirits that communicate, he has gained his point, inasmuch as the people in general have no definite faith in the existence of either good or evil angels, except as they learn it from this source.

We cannot admit that the spirits of dead men ever come back to communicate with the living. And we affirm, upon the authority of the Holy Bible, that they know nothing concerning their friends here or of what is done in this world. Thus Job says:
“Thou destroyest the hope of man. Thou prevailest forever against him, and he passeth [i. e., dies]; thou changest his countenance, and sendest him away. His sons come to honor, and he knoweth it not; and they are brought low,
but he perceiveth it not of them.” Chap. 14:1-21.

This testimony shows that after a man dies he has no knowledge of what befalls his friends here. It plainly contradicts the idea that our dead friends become our guardian angels, watching over us, sympathizing with us in our sorrows, and rejoicing with us in our prosperity. It plainly declares that after a man is dead he knows nothing of what befalls his children in this world. Here is another testimony still more decisive; “For the living know that they shall die; but the dead know not anything. . . . Also their love, and their hatred, and their envy, is now perished; neither have they any more a portion forever in anything that is done under the sun.” Eccl. 9:5, 6.

This text declares positively that the dead know nothing concerning things in this life. They have no part in anything that takes place under the sun. So says the word of the Lord, and so we believe. Indeed, it would be the source of the keenest anguish to a mother, after death, to see her children left destitute, abused, and led into crime and to degradation, as orphan children frequently are. How much of a heaven would this be to her? What good could result from consciousness in heaven under such circumstances? But there is neither reason nor revelation to support such a theory. Spiritualism is one of the greatest schemes that Satan ever devised for the deception and destruction of the human family. It is based upon the supposition that all the spirits who communicate are the spirits of the dead. We propose, therefore, to enter into a Bible investigation of this subject.

-Angels; their nature and ministry

ANGELS: Their Nature and Ministry by J. H Waggoner

What You Hate Is A Clue To Something You Are Assigned To Correct : MIKE MURDOCK

Anger is energy, power, and ability.

However, it requires proper focus. Have you ever wondered why others were not angry about situations that infuriated you? Of course you have. This is a clue to your Assignment. Moses is an example. He hated slavery. When he saw an Egyptian beating an Israelite, fury arose. Why? Because he was a deliverer.

Remember These 3 Wisdom Keys:

1. You Cannot Correct What You Are Unwilling To


2. What You Permit Will Always Continue.

3. Behavior Permitted Is Behavior Perpetuated.

I have a love for Wisdom. I have a hatred of ignorance. In my own life I have attended seminars where Scriptures were misquoted, truth was distorted, and error was dominant. It was almost impossible to sit and permit it. You cannot really change or correct something unless you have a God-given hatred for it, whether it is sickness, injustice, racial prejudice, poverty, divorce, or abortion. Many things are wrong in this country. But, they will never be changed until someone is angry enough about it to step forward and take charge.

For instance, abortion has subtly become accepted, although it is a truly devastating blight on the moral landscape of this country. It appears that no true and articulate spokesperson has yet emerged who is capable of turning the tide, although I thank God for those who are making significant efforts to do so! The persuaded are persuasive. Often I have asked God to give us someone with a burning desire who can successfully plead the case of the unborn child. I have asked God to provide a militant intellectual, passionate zealot who will link the Word of God with the gift of life in my generation—someone passionate and on fire.

That someone could be you.

I am not talking about the issue of bombing abortion clinics or murdering those who kill unborn children. I am speaking of an anointing, a mantle, a calling—when someone rises up to complete their Assignment in this generation: to challenge, correct, and conquer the Seeds of rebellion that have grown up around us. Your anger is important. Very important. Do not ignore it. Satan dreads your fury. An angry man is an awakened man. An angry man changes the minds of others. Focused Fury Is Often The Key To Miraculous Change.

“And they said unto me, The remnant that are left of the captivity there in the province are in great affliction and reproach: the wall of Jerusalem also is broken down, and the gates thereof are burned with fire. And it came to pass, when I heard these words, that I sat down and wept, and mourned certain days, and fasted, and prayed before the God of Heaven” (Nehemiah 1:3,4).

-The Assignment: The Dream & The Destiny

What You Hate Is A Clue To Something You Are Assigned To Correct : MIKE MURDOCK

Eric Donkor 7 Others Honoured By Kotoko Victory Circle Atasemanso Supporters Group

Asante Kotoko Victory Circle supporters (Atasemanso) have honoured eight members of the Kotoko playing body at a brief and colourful ceremony held at the earlier this week.

The Victory Circle, one of the many supporters group within the Kotoko fraternity is inaugurated recently though they have been in existenc for some time now.

As part of activitis to inaugrate the ‘Circle’ members of the group honoured some players and officials of the group an action that has been hailed by the players who were awarded.

Some of the players honoured include, goalkeeper Ofori Antwi, Ohene Brenya, captain Amos Frimpong, veteran Stephen Oduro, Eric Donkor, Ahmed Adams, Ahmed Toure and Obed Owusu.


Eric Donkor 7 Others Honoured By Kotoko Victory Circle Atasemanso Supporters Group

Security Alert - 8 Things You Should Do Tonight

When leaving home for the 31st Watch Night,

  1. Never go with all the occupants in the house/home. Leave behind at least two (2) adults preferably MALES in the house/home.

  2. Those left behind must make sure ALL the household LIGHTS are ON.

  3. Mobile phones should be kept closer & put on vibration.

  4. Put on the TV set

  5. Persons left behind must avoid strange or unknown calls.

  6. Wait at the church auditorium till 5am before U set off to your home if your place of say is a crime prone area.

  7. Drive to any nearest police station & wait there for a while if your notice an unfamiliar or suspicious vehicle following you

  8. Call those left at home to open the gate for you about some few metres to the entrance (at least 150metres)…

See You in 2016

By D/Sgt. Benjamin Arthur


Security Alert - 8 Things You Should Do Tonight

Home of Gushegu DCE razed, 8 yr old dead

The house of the DCE for Gushegu has been gutted by fire. The incident has claimed the life of his 8yrs old daughter.


More soon

Home of Gushegu DCE razed, 8 yr old dead

"Dreams FC Is Coming Like "Ka Kai"

Players and technical team of Dreams FC can’t wait for the commencement of the 2015/16 football season as they have vowed to maintain their premiership status.

The Club qualified to the Ghana Premier League after emerging winners of the Zone 3 of the 2014/15 GN Bank Division One League.

Ably coached by former Black Stars captain CK Akonnor, their preseason so far has been quite good, an action that informed the decision of some members of the playing body as well as technical staff that, they are going to do more than participate in the Ghana Premier League.

Mainly made up of very young players from the lower divisions, the hierarchy of the Club headed by the indefatigable and charismatic Kurt Okraku, has taken steps to augment the team with some seasoned players from the Premiership ahead of the new season.

“We are confident in our abilities as a team and we know that we won’t just participate in the league but make an impact,” head coach CK Akonnor mentioned.

For new recruits like Ebenezer Abbey, the team will be one of the teams to watch in the Ghana Premier League and in other competitions.

“We are coming like ‘ka kai’ in the Premier League and beyond. We know what we are all about and hopefully, we will make our bosses proud with our performances in all competitions”.

"Dreams FC Is Coming Like "Ka Kai"

Focused: Okrah Steps Up Training For New Season

Former Kotoko Striker Ready For New Season

Former Kumasi Asante Kotoko forward, Augustine Okrah has stepped his training for his Sudanese club side, El Merriek.

Augustine Okrah (far left) training in El Merriek colours

Augustine Okrah (far left) training in El Merriek colours

The 22 year old striker who signed for the Sudanese club from Ghanaian side, Bechem united and is looking forward to impress in the new season with stellar performances to ensure he secures a permanent stay in the team.

Okrah who was Ghana premier league 2013 season goal king and Most Valuable Player has had stints with Swedish side, BK Häcken in the Allsvenskan league .


The ex-Liberty professionals and Ghana U20 star took to his Facebook account to post a picture of himself training to get in shape for the upcoming Sudanese season and hope for more game time.

Focused: Okrah Steps Up Training For New Season

Hearing of bribery case against Techiman City FC to be postponed over GFA blunder

The Ethics Committee of the Ghana FA will be unable to sit on the bribery case against Techiman City FC over silly blunders committed by officers of the secretariat, can confirm.

Techiman City FC have been directed to appear before the newly constituted Ethics Committee on Thursday to defend themselves of allegations of bribery brought against them by Wa Africa United.

But silly blunders made by GFA officials could see the case even thrown out on technical grounds.

For starters, the letter inviting Techiman City to the hearing indicates they are to make an appearance before the Ethics Committee at 10pm on Thursday when official work at the Ghana FA closes at 5pm.

This invitation letter was signed by the Deputy General Secretary of the GFA Isaac Addo and copied to all parties in the case including the Ethics Committee chairman.

Representatives of Techmian City who are already at the premises of the Ghana FA however insists they will make themselves available at the said time of 10pm where they will raise this preliminary objection.

Another technicality which would definitely see at least a postponement of the hearing is the fact that the case was only to be heard after three days of official notice.

This three days, according to representatives of Techiman City has not elapsed and thus gives them another ammunition to kill the case at least until further notice.

Techiman City FC officials also claim they gave three other preliminary objections to the hearing if indeed the case is called at the said 10pm.

These basic errors being made by key officials of the Ghana FA could lead to the termination of the case even without the merits of the case being heard.

This serves as further embarrassment to the GFA which has already suffered similar basic errors throughout this case which has contributed to the delay in the start of the 2015/16 Premier League season.

Hearing of bribery case against Techiman City FC to be postponed over GFA blunder

Jordan Ayew Likely To Partner Chelsea"s Loic Remy In Attack For Aston Villa

Ghanaian international Jordan Ayew is likely to have Chelsea’s Loic Remy as his new strike partner at Aston Villa.

This was after head coach of Aston Villa, Remi Garde said he will try to sign him on loan in the January transfer window.

Garde wants the 28-year-old Frenchman to strengthen a Villa side four points adrift at the bottom of the Premier League – and 11 from safety.

“Loic is special. He knows the country and league, and would be an interesting player for the team,” Garde said.

But Chelsea caretaker boss Guus Hiddink is unimpressed with Garde making his interest in the player public.

Remy, who joined Chelsea in a £10.5m move from QPR last year, has started only one Premier League game this season after suffering several injuries, scoring twice in the League Cup and once in the league.

“You have to respect where the players are,” Hiddink said. “If you are interested, talk first to the people with whom they are contracted. You cannot go into details.

“The player has signed a contract here and must be fit for us. He’s having a difficult time regarding his injuries. He has to prove first of all that he’s a good Chelsea player. He has had a calf problem for several days.”

Jordan Ayew Likely To Partner Chelsea"s Loic Remy In Attack For Aston Villa

CAF Confederation: Medeama Striker Vows To Impress In Africa

Medeama SC Striker Promises Goals In CAF Confederation

Medeama SC earlier this week named a 27-man squad with the sole aim of conquering Africa in the confederation cup. The tarkwa based club will be Ghana’s sole representative after defeating Kotoko in the FA cup final to book the sole ticket.


Striker Enoch Attah Agyei who was named in the 27-man team wants to leave an indelible impression on his debut in the CAF Confederation Cup campaign next year.

Attah Agyei, who joined the premier league side from first division club, Windy Professionals, also in the Western region, will lead the attacking lines for the yellow-and-Mauve barring any injury during the knock out competition next year.


The young forward said, “I am really looking forward to the CAF Confederation Cup. It’s a delight to be in the team, and hopefully, we can make all Ghanaians proud.

“It’s a great platform for every player and I’m confident we’ll do well,” he concluded.

CAF Confederation: Medeama Striker Vows To Impress In Africa

JJ Marks 34th anniversary of 31st December Revolution

Former President Jerry John Rawlings, on Thursday December 31, 2015, marked the 34th anniversary of the December 31, 1981 Revolution that toppled Dr Hilla Limann of the second Republic.


The ceremony was held at the Revolutionary Square opposite the Flagstaff House. Some prominent people who joined the former military ruler at the ceremony are Minister of Fisheries, Sherry Ayittey; Greater Accra Regional Minister, Nii Laryea Afotey Agbo; and the governing party’s deputy General Secretary, George Lawson.



The lighting of the perpetual flame for this year’s anniversary was done by ACP Nuhu Jango, the Nima Divisional Police Commander flanked by two female officers: Eva Opare Addo and Mavis Tetteh.



Limann led Ghana from September 24, 1979 to December 31, 1981. He came into office on the ticket of the People’s National Party (PNP) after winning democratic elections organised by the Rawlings-led Armed Forces Revolutionary Council (AFRC), which overthrew the Supreme Military Council (SMC) led by General Akuffo, on June 4, 1979.



The young Flight Lieutenant would, 27 months later, on December 31, 1981, overthrow the same President whose installment he oversaw. Rawlings’ first coup attempt was botched on May 15, 1979. He was arrested, court marshaled and sentenced to death.


His fellow conspirators in the army broke him out of jail just before he could be executed. He then led the bloody June 4 coup, which extra-judicially executed some army generals.


The young Flt. Lt. led the Provisional National Defence Council (PNDC) for eleven years, after having toppled Dr Limann. He subsequently stood for, and won two democratically organised elections in 1992 and 1996, as a civilian on the ticket of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), which he founded.


JJ Marks 34th anniversary of 31st December Revolution

Emmanuel Gyimah Bows Out As GFA General Secretary

The President of the Ghana Football Association, Kwesi Nyantakyi has eulogised outgoing General Secretary of the Association, Emmanuel Gyimah for his immense contribution to the success of the FA.

The General Secretary is taking a bow from the Association after over two decades of service.

At a colourful send-off ceremony in honour of the outgoing head of secretariat of the GFA, Nyantakyi lauded his key qualities as a successful football administrator.

“He is an honest person, forthright, meticulous and a hard-working man,” said Nyantakyi.

“We are proud of him and proud of his outstanding accomplishments as a staff of the GFA” added the FA boss.

The GFA President also described Gyimah as a good example of staff to work with and urged the staff of the Association to emulate his exemplary qualities.

“On behalf of the executive committee and the GFA, I wish you all the best in all your future endeavours,” the GFA president added.

The out-going General Secretary was grateful to the GFA for the honour bestowed on him and advised staff of the GFA to remain dedicated to their work.

Mr Emmanuel Gyimah worked at the Greater Accra FA Secretariat before moving to the National Secretariat where he rose from the position of a Deputy General Secretary to become the head of the Secretariat.

Emmanuel Gyimah Bows Out As GFA General Secretary

Man "dies" From Taking Vodka

A man who ‘died’ after downing shots of vodka with friends was taken to the morgue before waking up in a freezer, reports claim.


He had his “miraculous awakening” after partying too hard with pals, who then called an ambulance to the property in Khasanky, in Russia’s far east.


When medics arrived, they declared the man dead and took him to the morgue.


Speaking to the local newspaper Khasanskiye Vesti, police spokesman Aleksey Stoyev said:


“That night the local morgue was filled to its capacity, the bodies were not only on the shelves, but also on the floor of the freezer room, where our ‘dead’ hero was allocated.”


He woke up in the freezer, before stumbling his way out of it towards shocked staff.


He added: “At some point, the man woke up, failing to understand where he was.

“It was very dark and cold. “In addition his brain was foggy due to the influence of alcohol.

“In the darkness, he felt someone’s completely cold limbs and in fear rushed to the door.” Police in the remote area, which is populated by 35,000 over 4,100 square kilometers, questioned the man before letting him go. He then returned to the party, seeing his pals were still drinking – but this time in his memory. However, after letting the shocked friends know what happened, their commemoration drinks were transformed into a “re-birthday party”.


Man "dies" From Taking Vodka

Police to Deploy over 3000 Officers on New Year

The Accra Regional police command is deploying 3,200 officers to tighten security on the roads and residential areas during the 31st and New Year celebrations.


The police have identified motor accidents as a major challenge in their assessment of the ‘Operation Father Christmas’ programme launched to improve security during the festive season.


Addressing the media in Accra, regional commander COP Dr. George Akuffu Dampare said the police will employ innovative security measures to protect life and property.


For instance, check points would be mounted at vantage points to make sure drivers are not driving under the influence of alcohol that could lead to possible accident.


Temporary security post would also be erected at the beaches so that people can report any security concerns at the beach.


“We are also putting people at the various locations where events are taking place,” he added.


Dr. Akuffu Dampare noted, “There are other arrangements you put in place which the nature of it is such that we cannot share with the public because they are very confidential security arrangements, and we want to assure you that when we put all these things together we are going to have a very peaceful, quiet 31st night and a New Year.”

Police to Deploy over 3000 Officers on New Year

Career Decision: Ghana U20 Players Make Wrong Career Moves

Ghanaian Players Choose Money Over Career Success


Former Black stars coach, Emmanuel Akwasi Afranie, has slammed players who after successful stint with the U-20 side join teams solely for “monetary” reasons and not to develop their potential.


Coach Nana Akwasi Afranie who won Ghana’s first World Under 17 trophy in 1991 and guided the Black Satellites to a runners-up place at the World Youth Championship in 2001 observed that majority of the youth have

declined in their progression to the Black stars level and this he has also attributed to the hasty decisions these players make in their career path.

Dominic Adiyiah who won the golden boot and best player award during FIFA U-20 world cup in Egypt springs to mind. The talented Ghanaian striker was tagged to shine for the senior national team but a move to AC Milan after the tourney begun his fall from grace to grass.

Recent U-20 stars notably Moses Odjer and Yaw Yeboah have failed to make the mark and grow the household name they have been nursing for a while.


Coach ‘Hene’ as he is affectionately referred to at times said, “Some of these boys, when they finish the U-20, they rush, chase money and go to wrong teams. When you know you are going to a team where you will not have playing time, you don’t need to go.”


He told Accra based Starr FM, “If you look at the boys I sent to Argentina, they were the ones who helped Ghana qualify to the Germany 2006 World Cup, because they were all poached by top teams and were playing regularly.”

Career Decision: Ghana U20 Players Make Wrong Career Moves

Ex-military officer arrested in Tamale over recruitment scam

John Dramani Sulemana, a 34-year-old believed to be an ex-military officer has been arrested by the Northern Regional Police Command for allegedly defrauding five persons with the pretext of recruiting them into the police and military services.



Sulemana who allegedly defrauded his victims of a total of GH₵ 12,970 would be arraigned on January 4, 2016 with the charge of defrauding by false pretext and impersonation.



Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Ebenezer Tetteh, Regional Police Public Relations Officer, told the Ghana News Agency in Tamale on Wednesday that the suspect was arrested last week with charges of attempting to sell a rented vehicle in Tamale.



He said upon the arrest, many people who were allegedly defrauded by the suspect rushed to the police station.



ASP Tetteh said the suspect convinced his prospective clients that he was a colonel in the military service and therefore stood a better chance of getting them recruited.



He explained that a preliminary background checks on the suspect indicated that from 2006-2012, was in the army with the rank of a sergeant stationed at the education unit in Accra but disserted his post was subsequently dismissed.




Ex-military officer arrested in Tamale over recruitment scam

Ashgold Terminate Goal Keepers Contract

Ashgold Sack National Goal Keeper


AshantiGold have parted ways with goalkeeper Nana Bonsu. The former Heart of Lions goalie has now officially been transfer listed ahead of the 2015/16 season.


The Obuasi based team’s reason on why they’ve released the keeper was on poor performance in the 2014/15 season. The Black Starlets shot-stopper, Nana Bonsu, signed for the Miners on a three-year deal last two seasons from premier league side, Hearts of Lions.


With the young keeper’s future now away from the 2014/15 premier champions, he’s now free to sign for any club of his choice either locally or outside the shores of Ghana.

Ashgold Terminate Goal Keepers Contract

Kwaw Kese ‘defies’ Kofi Boakye


Rapper, Kwaw Kese re-enacted his last year arrest for alleged smoking of marijuana in Kumasi when he jokingly scorned the Ashanti regional Police Commander, DCOP Kofi Boakye, before a packed arena at the Kumasi Sports Stadium last Sunday morning during the much-publicised Bukom Banku- Ayitey Powers catchweight boxing bout.

In the full glare of the commander, Kwaw Kese said: “Ma hye a, ma hye; w’akye me a, w’akye me, w’agyae me a, w’agyae me,” in apparent reference to his arrest for smoking the marijuana and later release from jail.

On stage, the man also known as Abodam appeared unrepentant as he tried to glorify his act but it all turned out to be a charade just to excite the crowd and popularize music.

Moments later, the artist walked towards the ‘Commander One’ in laughter, knelt before him and hugged him.

It was indeed an emotional re-union after DCOP Kofi Boakye superintended his arrest last year and ensured that he faced the full rigours of the law.

But Kwaw Kese, after learning his lessons the hard way, had adopted the Police Commander as his mentor.

It was pure fun as the crowd greeted the ‘reunion’ with applause and cheers.

Kwaw Kese was just one of high-profile artistes who thrilled fans on the night of ‘Repeat or Revenge’ boxing extravaganza.

Two other rappers at the function, Sarkodie and Shatta Wale also brought the fans to their feet for more than 30 minutes with their acts which included ‘Hand To Mouth’ and ‘Kakai’ hit songs respectively.

Revelation of the night though was 10-year-old up-and- coming artiste, ‘Mosquito.’ He got almost everyone excited with his unique Fante raps and inventive stagecraft.

Not even the emcee for the night, Nat Attoh of Joy FM  could get the highly-charged  talent to leave the huge stage until D-Black, one of the bout’s sponsors, stepped in with his popular ‘Vera and Seiho’ songs.

Also on the stage was Pope Skinny as well as Efya who thrilled fans with a rendition of the national anthem to usher in the two boxers.

Bukom Banku won the fight with a fifth round technical knockout. He drove away Range Rover as well as received an all-expenses paid trip to South Africa for two, undisclosed amount of money, endorsement deal among others as his prize package. ,

The LandMark Promotion event was graced by a mixture of the country’s leading businessmen and actors. They included the CEO of the Despite Group of Companies, Dr Osei Kwame and the CEO of Joy Industries, Dr Manfred Takyi.

Others were actors John Dumelo, Kwaku Manu, Kwame Djokoto and Koo Fori.


Kwaw Kese ‘defies’ Kofi Boakye